Company Profile - Beaver Engineering

Company Profile

Beaver Engineering is a growing engineering and contracting company based out of Ahmedabad. At Beaver, our motto is a strong commitment to providing professional services and the development of long term business relationships. We provide a comprehensive range of engineering services to both private and public sectors.Beaver is recognized for its ability to approach projects with continuity in design, reflective of a positive economic and community impact. We are proud of our strong reputation in meeting aggressive schedules and the ability to assemble successful multi disciplinary project teams. All phases of design from concept to end product have stringent quality control methods in place. While our range of services vary from project to project; Our core area of operation has always been in construction as a General Contractor.

Our Goal:

Founded on the principles of strong morals and ethics, our ultimate goal is to achieve customer delight whilst maintaining high standards of Quality, Workmanship and timely delivery. We aim to be among the top contracting companies of the industry and assist in the building of a better nation.


Beaver - a small living being from the animal kingdom, though not significant to anyone, has been the motivation for both the partners as it is one of the smartest animals in terms of building its own home. Its home lies in the middle of a flowing river in the form of a dam made of just twigs and wooden sticks. Its nest is designed and engineered, such that only a Beaver can swim through flowing water to enter the nest. Like a Beaver, the partners believe in working to their full capabilities and exploring new horizons.

Beaver Engineering was founded in 2014, as a construction company by two aspiring Civil Engineers; Dishant Oza and Govind Shah. Diverse past experience of both partners and sound technical knowledge is an icing on the cake. Fresh talent, and zeal of the team creates a work environment in which toughest of challenges can be met with integrity.

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